Kitchen Cabinets

Peter Hay cabinets are manufactured with moisture resistant board produced under ISO14001 accredited processes. These processes ensure the material used in a Peter Hay cabinet meets all safety levels and offers benefits in material structure.

All visiable exposed edges are cover with high quality PVC edging from Rehau in Europe. This combined with the Peter Hay STREAM edge banding machine, gives the cabinet a perfect finish.

The cabinet has a solid back for both cabinet structure and solid wall fixing. We have never produced Peter Hay cabinets any other way. The back is inset allowing the qualified installer a scribing area to use should the walls be out of square. This creates a perfectly fitted kitchen.

All cabinets are screwed together with 50mm long, 7mm wide assembly screws. These screws create a greater pull-up force between panels and ensure a solid square structure. All screws are self sinking producing a flush finish, allowing cabinets to be assembled side by side with no gaps.

The cabinet stands on 400kg crush proof adjustable legs, allowing perfect installation height, whilst considering the ever popular but heavy solid surface stone bench tops.

A Peter Hay cabinet, the perfect starting point to create your dream.

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