Melteca quality decorated panels are New Zealand’s market leading low pressure laminate. Inspired by international and local trends, Melteca offers an extensive range of colours giving you variety and choice for your residential and commercial projects. Melteca is extremely good value and a great starting point for any kitchen. Some colours are now available with our new ZERO JOINT technology, meaning Melteca has just taken another step in popularity.

Melteca Kitchen Surfaces
Melteca kitchen surfaces by Peter Hay, as seen on The Block NZ.

The high durability and easy clean nature of the melamine surface makes Melteca ideal for kitchen cabinetry, cupboards, drawers, shelving and furniture in the home. Melteca is virtually heat resistant meaning it perfect for kitchen spaces.

Each colour in the Melteca range has a matching edge tape which protects the edges and gives important impact resistance. Some colours are now available with our new ZERO JOINT technology.

Melteca is certified by Environmental Choice New Zealand as an environmentally preferable product and contributes to improved indoor air quality.  This, coupled with a seven year limited warranty, means Melteca offers you complete peace of mind for your project.


Inspired by the leading design houses of Europe, Ultraglaze integrate modern style with sheer opulence. Lose yourself within the depths of the mirror finish ultra-high gloss, or admire the seamless smooth, clean lines through the range of edging available, including a matching gloss edge.

Acrylic Kitchen Surfaces
Acrylic kitchen surfaces by Peter Hay, as seen on The Block NZ.

Ultraglaze board is constructed using PUR (Polyurethane) Lamination, an advanced hot-melt process that gives superior finish and adhesion over PVA and contact adhesive lamination. The end result is a flawless, ripple-free, high gloss finish, with unsurpassed depth of colour and shine. Ultraglaze is virtually heat resistant meaning it perfect for kitchen spaces. Ultraglaze doors carry a 10 year limited warranty for residential applications.

No matter the direction you take, Ultraglaze will transform your space into a true work of art.


The most beautiful way to show colours in a kitchen. With silky matt or high gloss surface. There are over 30’000 colours available, plus custom colour matching, there is guaranteed to be a finish to suit your needs or wants.

Lacquer is more delicate than laminate, acrylic and vinyl and may be subjected to changes in colour. For this reason, its quality is determined by the type of paint used. However, the advice to protect your kitchen from direct sunlight and to perform the correct maintenance procedures on a regular basis still applies.

Lacquer Kitchen Surfaces
Lacquer Kitchen Surfaces

Modern, environmentally-friendly water-based paints also get top marks when it comes to scratch resistance, abrasion resistance and light fastness. The Painting of quality MDF in high quality 2K Lacquers and 2K Polyurethanes, ensures your investment lasts a life time.

Timber Veneer

Natural wood Veneer’s offers a vast array of creative panel options to create a unique natural look in any project. The intricate grain, rich colours, warmth, beauty and individuality of natural wood veneer, is unsurpassed by any other natural material.

Veneer is a decorative natural wood overlay, pressed onto a range of substrate options. Veneer is selected from environmentally reputable local and international sources then processed into high appearance natural wood panels.

Recent developments in Timber Veneer’s have seen the addtion of pre-finished sheets. These pre-finished sheets have been selected due to poularity and offer a small sample of what a Veneer kitchen can look like.

Timber Veneer Kitchen Surfaces
Timber Veneer Kitchen Surfaces