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The Kiwi trademark is a trusted brand that is globally recognised as a label depicting NZ Made products. Over 300 New Zealand exporters differentiate their product in-market using the New Zealand Made Kiwi trademark. According to the Neilsen Brand Origin Survey brand origin is an important factor in consumers purchasing decisions:

  • 87% of New Zealanders recognise the iconic Kiwi trademark
  • 52% of New Zealanders try to buy NZ made products wherever possible
  • 46% globally on average say brand origin is as important as nine other purchasing drivers
  • 28% globally on average say brand origin is more important than other selection factors
  • The trademark provides accountability for New Zealand Made products
  • New Zealand ranked 11th in the Future Brand “Made In” report

The trademark signifies that a product or service is New Zealand Made according to the rules of the Fair Trading Act. As a registered trademark, it has a strict set of rules (Code of Practice) governing how it can be used. Products must be registered with BNZM and must meet the criteria in the Code of Practice to use the trademark.



Established in 1988, this iconic trademark is used as a significant marketing tool for businesses. When products carry the registered Kiwi trademark customers can be confident that the country of origin is New Zealand.

The Kiwi trademark is relied upon by over 1,200 New Zealand manufacturers to differentiate their products and services in New Zealand and with key trading partners such as United States, China, India, UK and Australia.

A Certificate of Licence grants a business the right to label their products and services with the iconic Kiwi trademark.

The Kiwi trademark goes beyond trust and authenticity that New Zealanders put into their products and services. The Kiwi trademark speaks to who we are as New Zealanders and how we conduct business here.

Peter Hay Kitchens Ltd Official License Certificate