You may have nothing against shelves in base cabinets – but your back sure does. The use of shelves in base cabinets is poor in ergonomic terms: it makes it very difficult for you to find items since you don’t have an overview of the entire cabinet contents. Shelves in base cabinets is also often the best way to make a kitchen cost less. Whilst the upfront cost is less at the purchase time, the return is very little and over time creates greater issues.

Quite often you will find that you need to bend or stretch to find items you are looking for. It is not uncommon to find yourself having to remove some of the contents at the front, to get to the items at the back.

Full extension drawers have the advantage in that they allow you to see and access items in the rear of the cabinet, in contrast to single extension and fixed shelving. This provides you with a complete view of all items and the full extension feature makes them easily accessible.

The Peter Hay range of wall cabinets has been designed with headspace in mind. With the Peter Hay AVENTOS lift system, there is nothing in your way, even when the doors are open.

  1. Wall cabinets with AVENTOS open and close in a smooth motion with hardly any effort at all. The variable stop makes sure that the front remains in the desired position and the handle is always within easy reach.


Know today what your requirements might be tomorrow. Buying a new kitchen today is usually a big purchase that is often very difficult to change later on. A kitchen lasts on average approximately 20 years and therefore should be suitable for personal requirements.

The AGE EXPLORER® is a suit that is used to simulate physical limitations. Its wearer experiences physical limitations first-hand, e.g., cooking in the kitchen, and recognises which special needs arise from this. AGE EXPLORER® is a registered trademark of the Meyer-Hentschel Institute.

It supports the development of products that provide long-term, ergonomic benefits to the kitchen user.