Your kitchen should feel good! There’s motion, and then there’s motion.

The quality of a kitchen does not depend on surface finishes alone. A beautiful and practical kitchen has furniture that opens with ease and closes softly and effortlessly. Find out how motion technologies can make your life easier.

There’s motion, and then there’s motion.

Your kitchen should feel good. Why? Because you’ll probably have it for 15 years or more. We recommend trying out and comparing different technologies when you buy your new kitchen. The difference lies in the details.

‘Drawers, doors and wall cabinets in kitchens are opened and closed more than 80 times a day. Practical technologies make you life easier’

Prepare yourself well before you buy a kitchen. It will help you make the right decisions. And it will help your kitchen designer, design the right kitchen for you.


Bring together innovative soft-close technology and award winning design within the smallest space. Blumotion is the art of perfecting motion. We are proud to call this our standard.

Handle-free doors, controlled with TIP-ON a mechanical based push-to-open hinge system designed for the minimal look. Combine this with our unique option for clean-looking wall cabinets.

Note, the hinge mounting plate supplied, will be the New Zealand standard offer with a 32mm inline vertical drilling, slightly different to the image.


The new Silk White ANTARO product line from Blum. Blumotion, pairs full extension drawer travel with world-leading Blumtion soft-close technology.

Clear-cut, rectangular design is what ANTARO is all about. All ANTARO parts have been colour coordinated to underline the minimalist design.

Handle-free drawers, fitted with Peter Hay SERVO-DRIVE or TIP-ON with Blumotion technology.

Click here to see our amazing ORGA-LINE drawer organisation program.


Traditional pantry cabinets are often equipped with fixed and adjustable height shelves. SPACE TOWER pantry gives you all the height you need, plus we bring the drawers out to you as required.

The secret, a full extension feature and its independence from the cabinet itself. Normal pantry shelves don’t extend from the cabinet. Pull-out pantry units do, however they all come at once. With the SPACE TOWER, they move individually as required.

Neither shelves in Tall Cabinets nor shelves in Base Cabinets are good ERGONOMICS. We consider the SPACE TOWER to be the number one upgrade in all kitchen cabinets.


The SPACE CORNER cabinet is the perfect solution. The challenge for any corner cabinet is dead space. Dead space is defined as hard to reach and a wasted area in kitchens.

Fully extended, SPACE CORNER brings the cabinet contents to you. It makes perfect use of the rear section located in the corner cabinet. The rear section in the corner cabinet is the hardest to reach in all cabinet designs.

A unique designed front fixing for SPACE CORNER. It compresses and angles the front on opening, to avoid collision with other cabinets. Full flexibility in height positioning keeps perfect cabinet lines for an optimal design.

Take note. There are considerations to make if you are trying to achieve a handle-less look.

Due to logistical and installation issues, the SPACE CORNER is not available online.


The idea for the ANTARO NARROW CABINET was to offer a simple solution for the smallest storage space. It does all this without compromising stability and quality of motion.

Low opening force and smooth-running action, ensure a silent effortless closing action. Offset runners ensure lateral stability, providing a high load capacity of up to 20kg per cabinet. The ANTARO NARROW CABINET makes for a consistent appearance throughout the base cabinets.


Keep sponges, detergents, and other cleaning items organised and out of the way. The full extension drawer creates storage around the sink basin and plumbing. This application uses every inch of space that would be lost around a sink.

It is important to note, successful use of the ANTARO SINK DRAWER depends on many factors like, the size of the sink basin in relation to the cabinet and the complexity of the associated plumbing. Most combinations of sink basin and plumbing are successful, certain combinations are not. Avoid combinations like double basins or basins using large waste master type systems.


“How often have you been in the middle of cooking, hands full and needed to open the waste bin. UNO is a handy solution that can be opened with just a light touch, hip, knee, foot it doesn’t matter. Dirty, wet or full hands are no longer a problem”.

This unique option is top or bottom mounting which allows the waste system to be within easy reach. UNO’s large capacity and multi-unit recycling ensure you are not running to the Curbside all the time. Best of all, UNO works in the standard ANTARO drawer system. This creates a seamless transition between cabinets.


The Peter Hay corner cabinet is a work of art. A challenge for any corner cabinet is dead space. Dead space is defined as hard to reach and a wasted area in kitchens.

LE MANS, a corner cabinet solution that combines high space utilisation with outstanding access. Trays swing right out in front of the cabinet on opening. You can store a lot of pots and pans and each one is always in easy reach. Trays move independent of each other and have a large 25kg capacity per tray.


The AVENTOS lift system provides perfect motion in the wall cabinet area. Wide lift-up doors open easy and close silently and effortlessly thanks to Blumotion.

A variable stop ensures the AVENTOS lift system remains in the desired open position. Opening upwards, AVENTOS provides an excellent view of the cabinet interior. This enables comfortable and ergonomic access to the items stored.

Handle-free doors, controlled with SERVO-DRIVE when push activation is required. SERVO-DRIVE an electrical push-to-open lift system designed for the minimal look. Combine this with our unique overlay option for clean-looking wall cabinets.