Batch Size One + Industry 4.0


The mere fact you are reading this is proof that our adopted Batch Size One technique will serve you well. The Internet is a melting pot of home design ideas. The Internet has made our customers more knowledgeable, researched, with more brand awareness. This means everything we do is now more one-off than ever before.

Markets are calling for customised kitchens and cabinet designs at knock-down prices. Companies producing these types of products have every chance of staying competitive. If anyone knows how to handle 600 plus kitchen orders a month, it’s Peter Hay. After all, for the last 15 years, we have been the largest manufacturer in both size and capacity in New Zealand. In fact, we are larger than most Australian manufacturers as well.

Peter Hay has invested heavily in Batch Size One manufacturing techniques. With large investments, the economy of scale remains, but with the personal needs of our customers. Industry 4.0 is about how we get critical information streamlined in our business to handle change.

The aim is to cut cost, increase the efficiency and do all this with more complex jobs. Industry 4.0 factories are “Smart Factories”. Since 2017 Peter Hay has invested in Batch One and 4.0 Technologies to continue to improve our service.

Peter Hay, Batch Size One + Industry 4.0; the best of both worlds.


Peter Hay – a leading New Zealand kitchen company – embrace new ZERO JOINT technology. With the launch of a new range of laminate doors made with a special process. It implements cutting-edge technology, which ensures a seamless joint along the door surface.

Advanced technology allows for joining the edges using a high-efficiency hot air source. Thanks to this type of processing, the panel and edge merged to resemble a single piece. Permanent and gap-free welding eliminates aesthetic defects caused by glue residues. Preventing any resulting dirt build-up and yellowing. A cutting-edge solution guaranteeing the utmost functionality, durability and impeccable aesthetics. Traditional methods for applying the edge, cause visible joints with a layer of glue.

Peter Hay’s new laminate surfaces look so refined. They offer interesting alternatives to glossy and matte Lacquered Doors. The edges and the face seal and create an unbroken effect. The result, laminate surfaces easy to clean and the illusion of a single piece.

ZERO JOINT, it’s seen, touched and heard. The quality advantage of ZERO JOINT technology is perceived with all the senses. A two-fold effect: a seamless gap coupled with an unbroken edge radius. It offers plenty of advantages.

Try a ZERO JOINT edged door in your next kitchen.