Oven Tower Cabinets

Placing your Oven at an ideal height. The Oven Tower cabinet is a fantastic addition to any new kitchen.

An Oven Tower provides one of the most Ergonomic upgrades a new kitchen purchaser can have, as the money invested continues to repay itself for years to come.

STORAGE and ERGONOMICS are the most overlooked areas in all-new kitchen designs and planning. Elevating Ovens is simply a no brainer if you can feature this in your new kitchen layout.

Our fantastic Online Store has Oven Towers for most Oven models. We even give you the option of tailoring the unit to your exact model, ensuring the appliances have the correct venting they need, to ensure optimal efficiency of the appliance.

Integrating a Microwave into the Oven Tower unit is no problem either, with options for Microwave Boxes, Trim Kit models for seamless integration, or even Microwave enclosures behind doors.

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