Tall Cabinets

Quite possibly the number one most sort after and real-world upgrade any new kitchen can feature is found in our Tall Cabinets selection online.

The SPACE TOWER, featuring internal Blum ANTARO drawers, offering you the most user-friendly storage experience, one can have within the kitchen.

The ANTARO drawers move independently of each other, offer full extension drawer movement to give you the full view of the contents of the entire drawer.

The drawer access is from the front, the most natural position, unlike a Chrome Wireware Pull-out Pantry, which you access from the side most of the time.

The SPACE TOWER really should be a consideration for all new kitchen buyers, however, if the budget can’t be stretched that far, you can also purchase traditional shelved Tall Cabinets online.

The standard shelved Tall Cabinets, feature straight shelves, with full depth items at the bottom and shallow at the top for easier access. They can be used for kitchens, laundries, storage areas and garages.

Within the Tall Cabinets offer, you can also find dedicated cabinets like the Broom Cabinet, which offer a great place to store narrow-tall items.

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