Upper Cabinets

Split door pantries or pantries above Drawer and Door Base Cabinets are the real purposes of Upper Cabinets.

Upper Cabinets can also be a huge help if the internal space within the house is difficult to navigate Tall cabinets in and around when receiving your new kitchen for installation.

Featuring straight shelving the Upper Cabinets can be had in widths from 300mm – 1000mm, in both 1 and 2 door configurations. They utilise the same full 590mm deep space and perfectly match all Base Cabinets, Tall Cabinets and Oven Towers. Heights are also accounted for, finishing the same height as all other Tall Units.

We have the option of purchasing the standard cabinet, or a cabinet featuring PUSH TO OPEN, should you wish for the Elevation of the cabinets to remain clean and simple.

We generally don’t offer the fitting of the MILAN HANDLE, as the Base Cabinet below will already feature a handle, doubling up on the number of handles for a cluttered look. We use the PUSH TO OPEN system to account for this. The Upper Cabinet cannot be used with the GOLA HANDLE.

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