Wall Cabinets

Wall Cabinets offer fantastic options for further storage within kitchens, laundries, storage areas and garages.

The Wall Cabinet range can be had with traditional opening doors or our HK TOP flap doors with vertical axis opening.

Our well thought out options online, offer a unique overhanging door option, which gives the user the ability to open the cabinets without the use of a traditional handle. This makes for a very modern, upmarket clean look in a kitchen.

The unique overhanging door feature also accounts for space required for Under Panels with or without LED lights.

Wall Cabinets can be purchased in various heights and in widths from 300mm to 1000mm, in both 1 door and 2 door configurations.

Wall Cabinets can also be combined with two Tall End Panels to make a simple Fridge enclosure to finish off your kitchen design.

To add a further option to the Wall Cabinets offer, we have included for purchase a dedicated Wall Microwave cabinet. The Wall Microwave unit offers a simple cabinet to be fixed against a wall to remove the Microwave from valuable bench surface area.

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