Simply the most ADVANCED DIY kitchen cabinet offer in New Zealand.

In fact, we believe it may even be the most Advanced DIY offer in the entire world. It is a big claim, however, we are so confident with our range of Kitchen cabinets sold online, we are prepared to stand by it.

We offer 49 dedicated Kitchen Cabinet or Panel solutions online, with sizing down to the millimetre. Combine that with two front material offers, in 31 colours and you have yourself over 500,000 possibilities online. Add that to the 4 opening styles offered and your start to get into the millions, in possible options.

There is virtually nothing you can’t do with this range.

Our kitchen range online uses only the latest Blum hardware offerings, from CLIP-TOP Hinges, ANTARO Drawer Systems and AVENTOS Lift-Up options.

To further enhance our online offer, our range is not just born out of the industry norm. In creating the range we have online, we feel we have taken kitchens to a new level. Certainly, kitchens often found online and in DIY stores.

With our unique cabinet sizing and our storage capacity gains over virtually every other offer, we have certainly tailored a future proof kitchen offer. As houses and spaces become smaller, kitchens need to change, change we believe we have incorporated in this range.

So take a look around, we know you will be surprised.

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